Flex option dilemma

I have Rawls, Ingram, M. Bryant, S. Diggs, Thielen, R. Cobb, and T. Cohen its a standard league. I can’t make my mind on who I should put in my flex option

Id say diggs or Ingram

You have a good problem. I’d say Diggs, or Cobb. I’d say Cobb, he will have more volume in a higher scoring game. Tough between them two though still.

I’m worried Kamara will have a higher work load from last weeks performance

I like Cobb but I feel his is really unreliable due to Aaron Rodgers spreading the love so much

Well. There are some weapons, but that doesn’t make him unreliable. There is plenty of love for Cobb, with the last 10 games including the first game this year, he hasn’t seen less than 7 targets in 9 of them, 4 of those games he was targeted more than 10 times, and had 6 TD’s in 713 yards. When he is on the field, he is reliable.