Flex option for tomorrow

So I have pretty much the entire Rams roster(unplanned) but I’m starting gurley and cooks tomorrow…should I flex cooper kupp or Alex Collins? I shy Away from Collins simply because buck Allen keeps taking his touchdowns. But then I’m hesitant on playing 3 players from the same team so I’m unsure what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I kind of like Kupp in this game because I think he gets more targets and this is a more control the clock type of game than a shootout. And Kupp is the possession guy.

so would you play him over Collins or should I just go with kupp over cooks…kind of worried because I’m sure Xavier Rhodes will be on cooks

I’m nervous Pit/Bal won’t be the shootout everyone thinks. Pit O Line isn’t in a great place right now. I’d go Kupp in PPR… just me as this smells like a heavy target day for him

@badhombres… I’ve been noticing a lot of posters today are really big on Kupp for this week. But after the insult MIN suffered at the hands of BUF last week, I’ve just got a feeling they are gonna be really hyped up this week, and will be bringing their AAA game against LAR. So with that concern, I’ve been struggling with whether to FLEX Kupp, Lamar, Stills, Keelan Cole or Mike Williams. So, pretty much, right there with ya buddy. Glad you posted this!!! Will be watching this one.:confused:


Minny D stepping up is why I like Kupp here. I think MinD will try and limit the big play of Cooks and Woods and allow the shorter game that is Kupp. Probably no D Cook here so Minny is going to want a time control game.

True. I can see your point there @Justahermit, but would you still FLEX him instead of the others I mentioned? (And, sorry, not meaning to horn in on your post @badhombres)!!!

I would… I like Williams but Kupp seems like the safe play…

Greatly appreciate your imput @Justahermit. Definitely got my wheels a rolling now. LOL. I had Lamar Miller in FLEX up against IND, but with everybody so big on Kupp this week, kinda got me wondering if I shouldn’t re-think things!!! Thanks a mil buddy!!!

No problem… a game with meaning Kupp usually is the safety valve with no real TE for the rams.

Good point. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think you play Cooks over Kupp even though the points made so far are totally valid. I just think you have to start your best guys when it comes to teammates. That’s just me. I think it’s a good decision to only play one of them when you have M Williams and those other guys to Flex instead. It is def a risk to have 3 Rams up against the humiliated/blood-seeking Vikings.

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@falcones404, I know your reply was meant pretty much for @badhombres, but I’m going to take it into account myself as well, as I also have Gurley, and now trying to decide whether to FLEX Kupp over Lamar. Lots of good thoughts here y’all!!!

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I do like Lamar’s matchup at Indy.

I know. Hence my dilemma. Between, Miller, M Williams and Kupp, I’m pulling my hair out. LOL

Understandable haha. I think I’d play Miller. If PPR, possibly Williams, but I personally would play Miller just for the sake of knowing he will get his touches.

Yeah…PPR. And yeah…prob will just let it ride as is and leave Miller in FLEX. Just trying to make sure I’m not overlooking anything pertinent. LOL…sometimes it sucks almost as much to have a REALLY good team as to have a crappy team in this wacky, crazy, sometimes nightmarish world of FANTASY!!!

Yeah I’m completely torn on starting cooks or kupp. I made the trade to improve my WR Corp and acquired cooks this week. I think after reading these posts, I’m going to have to lean towards cooks for his big play ability because most redzone opportunities usually just go to gurley. But I’m scared if the game plan possibly targets kupp more. just like last week when Robert woods went off on the Chargers. I’m a bit hesitant to play 3 rams players though

Cooks still had a nice game for himself last week. I think you start Cooks for sure. He’s their WR1. Again, I understand the argument for Kupp, but who’s to say the Vikings aren’t thinking specifically about how to guard Kupp? In fact, I’m sure they are.

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You’re right it’s a bit frustrating cooks hasn’t found the end zone, hopefully that will improve as the season progresses.

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