Flex Option - Pitman. Or Jeff Wilson

Full-PPP league.

RB - Chubb and Conner
WR - Hill and Samuel

Flex - Pittman or Jeff Wilson now that Mitchell and Hasty are out.

Bump for help

I think Pittman has higher ceiling but he’s got a way tougher matchup. I think I’d go him because we don’t know Wilson will get a full work share. If I could guarantee that I’d lean Wilson.

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Agreed it probably depends on what you need … ceiling or floor. I think Wilson is the “safer” play (assuming Mitchell is out) since he should get touches even if partially splitting, but ceiling could be capped if he splits or someone else ends up being the hotter hand. I would probably play him based on the rest of your lineup since you have several other starters that have the potential to have big weeks. I think Pittman will do OK though, so I don’t think either choice is a bad one … Bills D is tough, but I think Indy will have to score (guessing a big Jonathan Taylor day, but that could open up some opportunities for Pittman).

I came here to ask the same question. I think I would lean Pittman most of the time, but the match up gives me pause. I hate both choices.