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Flex Option to make the playoffs. Win or go home


Its win and make playoffs or go home this week. Who should I start in my flex spot. Devonta Booker, Jacquizz Rodgers, Tevin Coleman, Marvin Jones Jr, or Devin Funchess?
Booker and Rodgers have good matchups but haven’t done whole lot lately so its risky. Coleman is now the backup and has a terrible matchup. Funchess has an ok matchup but has an injury and I need to win this week. Jones has been fire but has a terrible matchup as well.
I put my starting WRS as Cooper Kupp, and Michael Thomas.
Thanks for the help guys!


I feel like you gotta play Coleman regardless of matchup just because he is the best play maker on this list. I could see Rodgers having a good game if the chips fall for him but he splits time as well. Coleman has produced when Freeman has been healthy as well. Coleman, Rodgers, Jones, Funchess and Booker is how I rank.


Marvin Jones Jr, or Devin Funchess

he is not really hurt hurt … just limited because of his toe… he played through it last week and got 100 yards