Flex option with boom/bust, one hit wonder, or slow but steady

First time poster. Been listening to podcasts all summer. Love all the insight.

Similar situations with many of you I’m sure, but who should be the flex this week? With Baldwin out, Lockett has been upgraded to my WR2 for now. But after Crowell’s big week… how do I not play him over Amari, Sexy Rexy, etc.

Full point PPR, 12 man league.

Thanks in advance!

If Fornette doesn’t play then I like Cole as an upside play this week. They will up the short passing game to cover for him not being in.

Fitz, Cooper, Cole? So leave Crowell and Rex off? @psychosem17

Are you just talking flex? Larry is on the road and tends to be a lot better at home. Cooper’s own coach doesn’t seem to have much confidence in him at the moment. Larry is still a volume play but I would temper expectations this week.

If Fornette misses then Cole is an upside play. He has the capability to have a big game here and there if he gets some targets. If you get down on Thursday night match ups and think you need a boom-bust I would consider him. Cooper would be an upside play too as we saw his one big explosion in one game last year, but Cole went for 186 yards in a game down the stretch as well.

Crowell I think is going to be a game flow type deal. If he doesn’t break that long run then is anyone really talking about him? If they get behind he will give up time to Powell. Rex has a tough match up this week but I expect he will be used a little more in the passing game this week. If you are wanting a back next week then I would go Yeldon if Fornette is out out of those three. Crowell I think has the best match up. The Titans were able to run a little on the Fins last week and Henry had a long td called back on a holding call away from the play.

I agree with your analysis, just hard to sit Larry for me right now. I’m not sure I wanna jump off the Amari bandwagon just yet, but trying to temper my expectations and possibly start someone over him this week. ESPN projections always throw me off (even though I try to ignore them completely) so that may be messing with my head right now. Probably gonna wait a day or two and see what happens with Fournette.

Quick question though, why is nobody even considering Lockett to be an upside play this week with baldwin being out and their RB situation to be shaky??

People aren’t sure how that wr corps is going to shake out. When a rookie blocking TE is your leading receiver week 1 that will do it. I think Lockett will be an unpredictable play at best with Wilson spreading the ball around. He should produce something, but it’s too early to tell if he will get fed targets. Marshall still seems to be able to use his body size/hands down around the goal line to be a touchdown threat. I’d say its a toss up right now as to who you would call the WR1 with Angry Doug out.

If Fournette doesn’t play it’s between Yeldon and Crowell. If he does play then it’s definitely Crowell.