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Flex Options -- Coleman, A. Jones, or Woods?


10 team PPR. RB1 & 2 are DJ and Mixon. WR1 & 2 are Michael Thomas and Adams. So my flex spot boils down to these 3. Which do you like this week?

Coleman (vs. Browns) and Jones (vs. Dolphins) have the more favorable matchups on paper, though the last time Woods played Seattle he had a good game as well. And doing some extensive research I found the follow:

Going back the last 4 opponents, the Browns played the Chiefs (K. Hunt), Steelers (J. Conner), the Bucs, and Chargers (M. Gordon). All 3, minus the Bucs, had huge fantasy days.

Similarly, the last 4 opponents vs. the Dolphins were the Jets, Texans (L. Miller), Lions, (Johnson), and Bears (Howard and Cohen). Miller, Johnson, and Cohen all had big fantasy days against them.

Using this data and the current matchups, who would you roll with this week between the 3? Thanks!


I would go with Woods. The rams offense is a safe haven for all skill players. Coleman could be vultured from Ito and the performances you sited are all from top tier running backs. Jones might see his touches decrease after the fumble, and GB loves to throw it anyway.


Woods and Coleman to me are no difference this week I think both have great games and will be pretty close. Not interested in Jones this week with those other 2 options


Interesting thoughts. I agree about Coleman and am not a fan of how much he splits with Ito. But he had a great game last week against a tough opponent, and I figure with an even better matchup and the likelihood of Atlanta playing with a lead and running more it could benefit Coleman.


Interesting thoughts on Jones. I figured he’s the guy now with Montgomery gone and Williams reduced role, and a tantalizing matchup with one of the worst run defenses in the league. Honestly they are all 3 fine options in my mind. Which is why it’s hard to give one the edge over the other. Coleman is currently in my lineup and my preference, but enjoying hearing everyone else’s thoughts.


I personally think this whole Ito vulturing is overblown. Does he split work yes but so does Jones, Williams gets plenty of work still. Coleman is the lead guy he is coming off a career game and has a juicy matchup. Woods leads that high octane offense in targets, is a trusted safety blanket for Goff and has been a beast. Jones is good but to me sample size is too small with him and he’s another fumble or missed pass block away from Williams getting increased work


Good points. This internal battle of mine may have shifted from Coleman v. Jones to Coleman v. Woods.

Should the fact that I’m playing against Matt Ryan factor into this decision at all? I know Coleman can still put up big rushing numbers without Ryan, but I feel Coleman’s value is definitely higher in the passing game.


100% agree with you he is their passing RB so if you want to play a little “defense” going against Ryan I don’t think that’s a bad strategy at all


I’m assuming by defense you mean playing Coleman to nerf some of Ryan’s production?


exactly because any passing TD to Coleman is canceling out Ryan and don’t know your league scoring but I’m assuming your RB’s get more points for yardage then QB’s so you have a slight win there