Flex options. Go for Boom or Not

Looking for some advice on who I should start in my FLEX spot this week. I have options but I’m debating back and forth between a few options.

Right now I have Ekeler in my flex and debating if I should switch him out or not. I am considering switching him out for.

A: Campbell vs Min
B. Sanders VS LA.

Sanders not so much because I don’t like the matchup. But Campbell I feel like he might really explode against Min. But maybe that’s just the homer in me talking as well.

Standard scoring format.

Team is:
QB: ryan
RB: jacobs, Mixon
WR: hopkins, Adams
TE: goedart
FLEX: ekler

It depends on your matchup for me. If you need to put up the highest numbers possible to beat your opponent, I’d go for the boom (imo that’s Sanders but just my opinion). If you don’t need a huge score to win this week, I’d go with Ekeler for the safer floor.

We are both projected highest scores in this weeks matchup. As of right now he is projected to win by 9. I like sanders I and I feel like he is the only opportunity for them to score tbh. Might have to lean his direction. I mean I should trust him with where I got him.

Ya I’d go Sanders. I’m not worried about his matchup at all, and think they’ll lean on him heavily.