Flex options help me out

Full PPR

pick 2
J.Howard vs DET
D.Baldwin vs Carolina
T.Coleman vs New Orleans

Jordan Howard for me if had to choose between all 3 of them

What if Trubisky is out. Do you still have faith in Howard with a different QB? They’ll probably have a rough offense with someone else.

Normally from what I have seen is when a backup is in the rely more on the running back to help them through things, take Buffalo for example with all the backups in that offense shady has still been reliable! You could start Coleman too but he hasn’t done well in recent weeks, so if I had those 3 on my roster I am starting howard

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Good point thanks man!

I’d probably want Howard over Coleman with Baldwin easily my last choice.

Thanks, that’s how i have it set now. Coleman and Howard in… Baldwin out. Hopefully Baldwin isn’t targeted in the in-zone like he was last week.

Definitely Baldwin, he looked great last week and Wilson was actually targeting him. Howard is always a big question mark, and Coleman has a terrible matchup.