Flex pick in a full PPR. Lots of options

I’m debating a flex spot in a full PPR between:

Randall Cobb
Dion Lewis
Chris Godwin
Ted Ginn

I’m leaning Godwin. What do you think?

Bump it up

I’d go Ginn in a shootout.

If Mariotta starts then I think I like Dion Lewis. Otherwise, probably Ted Ginn Jr. Godwin is OK too - I just have less faith in TB offense than others do.

I actually prefer Godwin or Cobb. I wouldn’t be surprised if this weekend is a good game for Cobb. Rodgers may look his way as Adams may be drawing coverage from Norman.

Tough call, but I’d vote Cobb

Mariota is out so personally that pretty much crosses Lewis off the list for me

I lean Godwin there as well, nobodyukno. Stay in the Fitz flames.