Flex play: BREIDA or CLEMENT

BOTH ARE IN GREAT SITUATIONS SO FAR??? who to put in flex. my other RBs are fournette and CMC


whats the play here guys

If Ajayi is out then Clement but if not I’d go Breida. They both KO at the same time so i’d wait for the final injury/inactive reports and go off that. Breida has more upside with KC vs SF looking like a shoot out SF will have to throw a lot and Breida has the wheels for big chunk pays against a weak KC D.

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Breida. Clement is in a difficult/more uncertain situation and SF/KC is going to be determined by who can take the ball fastest to the end zone the most times in 60 minutes.

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Hmmmmmm thanks. need a tie breaker lol

They’re both good plays this week imo. I’d start Breida over Clement though

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I have fournette. I am so tempted to play Clement and breida ahead of fournette >.<

They might limit fournettes touches… damn

With ajayi out i play Clement. Breida’s numbers last week even without the 60 yard touchdown were so unsustainable. Good matchup though.

I agree with dan12456, Ajayi and Sproles are out and Clement is going to have almost all the touches in this game. Most of Breida´s points last week came from that long yardage touchdown.

everyone makes an interesting point! i was leaning towards breida but now im torn HHAHAHA

i shouldnt take fournette out right? HAHA

I have both and am leaning toward Clement. I think the KC-SF game will be a shootout and pass heavy. Philly gets a major upgrade in their passing game with Wentz back so they wont just stack the box looking for the run. It’s close and we’re probably looking at a 3-5 point difference but I’m rolling with Clement for now.

its hard man LOL . Both looks good for this week. Im even thinking about benching fournette(iwont)

I have Founette in my main league. Im definitely starting him. I picked up Murray and think I’ll play him over Collins since they seem to be using Buck Allen as a goal line back.