Flex play FULL PPR

i have THielen and Diggs starting

and FOurnette and CMC starting

bobohlnklnlnk ok

I don’t like starting both Thielen and Diggs tbh. Especially in a game where they likely don’t need to pass that much and cousins probably only throws like 30 times. Personally, I’m probably in the minority here btw, I’d start the following:


Fournette / CMC

Flex: Goathead.

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hmmm interesting;’

ill consider that

I second that. Thielen could end with more points than Diggs in a full PPR though. It’s a toss up to me between those two.

I think regardless of format, yardage and TD favor Diggs. Wrote a lot about this in some diggs vs thielen threads so not going to repeat but last year was Thielen’s ceiling. I find it hard for him to hold that level of production, never mind improve. There isn’t a single CB on the 49ers roster that can hold his own with Diggs and Diggs completely dominates non-elite CBs. He totally roasts them. Wouldn’t shock me to see Diggs finish as top 3 WR this week.

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