Flex play for bye week! help me homies

Sho here’s my deal fellas, I need to start either Cole Beasley, Mr. Very Necessary (Nick O’Leary), Robert Woods, or Josh Doctson as a flex this week.
I know it’s a shot in the dark, but I’m honestly torn and really not sure which way I lean.

(I know… my RB situation is disgusting, I lost Cook)

i would go with the boom value of doctson hes primed to go off!

I like where your head’s at, I put him on my bench a couple weeks ago for that reason!

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Go for it all with Doctson

They NEED to start feeding him!

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I’d agree with the rest, Doctson is the highest ceiling and given your RBs you are likely to need that.

I’m convinced, Doctson FTW