Flex play for first playoff games

Having trouble deciding on my flex spot in 3 of my leagues, any insights would be awesome.

Team 1 Flex options:
Marquise Goodwin vs hou or Derrick Henry vs ARI

Team 2 flex options:
Marquise Goodwin vs hou, Bilal Powell vs den, Blount vs Rams, or Doctson vs chargers

Team 3 Flex options:
Golden tate vs TB or Frank Gore vs Buf

1 - Goodwin, you can’t confidently start Henry.

2 - Goodwin, those running backs have took much of a time share to confidently start and docston will be going up against some of the best corners in the league.

3 - Tate.

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I was leaning toward all those choices so glad im not complelty crazy for wanting to start a niner haha…FYI im a niners fan so I always try and avoid my teams players, especially when we are as bad as we are this year lol

I feel your pain. I have been burned by Romo for years and now dez has bee. Hurting me this year haha

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