Flex play for the semis

Made the semi’s in all 3 of my leagues but need help deciding on flex in 2 of them for this week.

Team one flex options: Juju or DeDe?

Team two:P Richardson, J Doctson, B Powell, agholor, blount, or robert woods (pick one)

i would go JuJu (cause big ben is on fire the last games) and Woods

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Yeah I have been wanting to get woods into the lineup recently but will depend on what injury reports say this week. He has highest upside of any of them for sure

who would you choose between Golden Tate and JU JU or dion Lewis for flex

Thats hard, 3 good Options… Depands on what you need, lewis is the safest play, JuJu would have the highest upside… and i love this kid, so roll out JuJu

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