Flex play - Jordan Howard and Cohen?

Who do i flex? Do i play jordan howard and tarik cohen? Im leaning just tarik and flexing richard. Standard league.
Im starting

RB: McCaffrey
RB: Cohen

Flex: Richard/Howard/Gabriel?

Zeke on bye

If this league were any type of PPR leauge i would agree but i think Howard has the most value in standard leagues and both Cohen and Richard will be better in PPR. I dont like starting two RBs from the same team but i would probably go Cohen for sure and Howard because he has more of a TD potential compared to Richard. Its a little bit of a toss up though.

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Thats actually a good point. He would have had 2 Tds last week if one wernt called back. Im just worried Howard will hurt my soul again

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I have him on my team too and it definitely has been a disappointing year for him but if you look outside of the top 10-15 RBs or so they have been really hit or miss this year. I still like his potential to get on track better than a lot of other RBs on worse teams

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