Flex Play, Please Help!

Due to bye weeks, who do I take flyers on…pick 2
Mike Williams vs. Green Bay
Robby Anderson @ Miami
Christian Kirk vs. San Francisco

Williams and Anderson.

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Kirk because of guaranteed targets
Anderson because of matchup and big play chance.


kirk and Anderson

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Ppr or not? Ppr I would prolly go Anderson and kirk, but don’t expect a big day from kirk

For non I would still go Anderson but prolly Williams, they might have a shot at doing something with the new OC in what will have to be a shootout against green bay

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PPR. I currently have Kirk and Anderson in my line for the reasons you listed. Kirk kept giving me pause, but I figure they’ll need to pass a lot and hopefully he has plenty of catches, even if it doesn’t amount to much. I’m playing the worst team in my league, and their good players are on bye, so I’m looking for those safe plays more than huge upside. I would go Williams, but want to see what offense looks like with new OC first. Thanks all for input!