Flex play Week 7

Who would you guys start in the FLEX? I have Murray, Michel, and Chubb. Full PPR. Michel has been a great FLEX so far, but this is a tough matchup against CHI. On the other hand if anyone can break a D its Belichick. Chubb’s matchup looks promising as well though! Please HELP!

I’m starting Michel against anyone. Gore ripped that D apart last week. Also, Michel is just too valuable with his 100% market share of goal line carries. Even if he doesn’t rip a long one, good shot of him getting in the endzone. And NE should be able to keep it close so don’t see him getting phased out of the game.

Chubb isn’t a bad play either cause I think he’ll get the goal line work vs TB who are awful. But without seeing his usage, i think michel is the safer play.

Good point! Michel it is! We’ll just have to wait and see what we have in Chubb. Sunday is going to be so exciting to see what happens with the Jags and Browns after this trade.