Flex - please help

Westbrook (if Chark is out)

My other RB are Derrick Henry and Melvin Gordon and my other WR are Godwin and AJ Brown

Locket or Westbrook

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Thanks! I currently have Westbrook in but may pivot to Lockett

I think id lean just slightly lockett over westbrook after the comments from Carroll on him and the Seahawks are just a better team who score more

What were the comments?

“He was clearly back in action and feeling good and physically right, just passed being sick the week before and all that,” Carroll said of Lockett’s performance against the Rams. “I think we should expect him to continue to contribute in a big way.”


Coach Pete Carroll said Lockett is “really back” in form this week, Adam Jude of The Seattle Times reports. “He was pretty good last week and he’s going into this week rarin’ to go,” Carroll said.

the second one was from cbs 19 hours ago so pretty recent

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im thinking of flexing him over sutton with cooper and aj brown as the 1 2

Nice! I might pivot now. I just like the Jags matchup against Oakland haha.

I’m going with the Tennessee triple stack I think.

triple stacking myself tannehill brown and henry. dont blame you for looking at dede at all though he could be a solid play like i said im just leaning lockett personally

Lol same triple stack. I might pivot to lockett too. Probably flip flop until the last possible minute.

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Ill be doing the same with sutton instead of dede. This dilemma and the andrews one… ugh playoffs…

Good luck!

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IMHO it depends on if you are looking like you need a floor or ceiling play.

Singeltary for the floor since you know he will be getting his hands on the ball to some extent and has a nice ceiling if things work out.

Lockett for the ceiling as he has the potential at any moment to have a monster game.

Thanks for the insight! Still doesn’t make it any easier haha