Flex position quandary, Sanu, Lockett, or Boyd

Standard scoring Non-PPR
Need to pick one

Sano in a shootout home against a week TB D
Boyd against a Steelers team that gives up points to the WR position
Lockett who’s had a hot hand and is playing Oakland but could start losing touches to Baldwin

I already have Ridley starting as my #2 but this game could have enough scoring to feed everyone. If I can count on 10 points out of one of them and a decently higher score out of the other (don’t care which) I should win this week easily as my opponent has some serious bye week issues

I would go with Mo and Boyd simple as that. The defense they both play makes me more confident in starting boyd and sanu

Sit Calvin Ridley against this defense and start Sanu and Boyd ?
I’m kinda thinking Ridley could be getting the bigger numbers this week. I heve him in my WR2 position

i would go with your gut but i would stick with one of the two and boyd

Start Ridley and Boyd hands down. I’ve got Boyd in 3 of my 6 leagues and he’s been great. I dropped Sanu to waivers early in the year and Lockett just scares me bc Baldwin is coming back, they’ve decided they’re going to run the ball now and the O line sucks in pass protection so that’s what I think

Boyd for sure. With Eifert out he’s the #2 passing option on an efficient offense against a bad defense