Flex position who do i play

Sanders, Kerryon, Chubb, Lindsay… what do people think?

if ur picking one kerryon

Damn tough call I personally sway towards Chubb or Lindsay

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Yeah I have to agree with @Krieser86. I think Chubb and Lindsay are a couple that are gonna MAJOR show their “stuff” by end of Season. AND AT DRAFT next season…PROB gonna be hot picks!!!

kind of like Kupp was this year. He showed MAJOR POTENTIAL last year…and look what he did this year…of course…till he got hurt. BUT…

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@llc its also half point ppr. that change your decision at all?

for me it’s either Chubb or Sanders. I’m hesitant to play Lindsay just because of the dud that Mixon produced last week. KC’s D is supposedly weak, but Mixon’s output begged to differ. Also I also feel like Denver will be playing catch up so Sanders should get quite a few looks.