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Flex ppr miller or funchess?


Need a win this week and this flex spot is the only one Im on the fence about.
Lamar Miller v. Seattle or D. Finches v. Tampa Bay?
Also, I have Mixon at RB2 due to his match up with Indianapolis. He’s a better play than Miller I believe.
PPR league


Good call on Mixon i think. Miller is a fairly safe 5-10 with maybe 15 as a ceiling. funchess could be lower, or way higher. To me it depends on what you think you need out of the position to win.


Im playing the only guy I’m tied for wins with. Id like to get the win. He typically scores near what i score. Just hate trusting Cam right now even with a good match up but I don’t know if I hate that more than running against Seattle. They haven’t been the best but still good enough.


i dont know what the game times are for these. but maybe wait until you see how you are both scoring until making a final decision (if its an option) if you Need the huge points, you take a chance. if it looks like 5-10will do it, play it safe.