Flex ppr miller or funchess?

Need a win this week and this flex spot is the only one Im on the fence about.
Lamar Miller v. Seattle or D. Finches v. Tampa Bay?
Also, I have Mixon at RB2 due to his match up with Indianapolis. He’s a better play than Miller I believe.
PPR league

Good call on Mixon i think. Miller is a fairly safe 5-10 with maybe 15 as a ceiling. funchess could be lower, or way higher. To me it depends on what you think you need out of the position to win.

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Im playing the only guy I’m tied for wins with. Id like to get the win. He typically scores near what i score. Just hate trusting Cam right now even with a good match up but I don’t know if I hate that more than running against Seattle. They haven’t been the best but still good enough.

i dont know what the game times are for these. but maybe wait until you see how you are both scoring until making a final decision (if its an option) if you Need the huge points, you take a chance. if it looks like 5-10will do it, play it safe.

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