Flex question - Aaron Jones vs. DJax

Debating whether to play Aaron Jones or DeSean Jackson in my flex this week.

12 team, half ppr but there are a good amount of bonus points in this league for big plays.

I don’t really like the match up Aaron Jones has vs. the Vikings. Although Jones might have a safer floor than DeSean Jackson. I like my team vs my opponent this week.

Jones or Jackson? Thoughts anyone?

You like the matchup against MIN? Not sure why that is, Mike Zimmer has always been a good defensive coach, they shut down Freeman last week, and Min should be able to score a little on GBP which means GBP will throw more.

Anyways, to answer your question. Unless you need a guarantee not-zero out of your flex; aka, you’re expected to win easily, Jackson is your guy. If you’re expected to win handily, and getting 8 points from your assures that, I think Jones has a higher floor so go him. In most cases, Djax is the play

I believe he said he DID NOT LIKE THE MATCHUP. I would go with DJAX if you want upside.