Flex Question in Standard League

Who has the highest Boom for the Flex position?

Hunt Vs. Raiders
Perine Vs. Chargers
Drake Vs. Patriots
Baldwin Vs. Jaguars


I think it’s Perine. His floor is safe as well against the Chargers I believe

I have a feeling that Hunt will have a good game, especially now that Andy Reid isnt the play caller

The biggest Boom is easily Drake. He has the highest ceiling with how explosive he has been. With Williams out, he could see a significant work load still on top of it.

There you go. Three different answers. Haha. Noone really knows, just go with your gut. I don’t think there is a bad play here necessarily…I would rank them Perine, Hunt, Drake, Baldwin. Hunt and Perine are pretty close to me, and Drake and Baldwin are much lower in my opinion this week