Flex question - Jones or Lynch against Tate

Hey Ballers,

I am up by 10 points this week against my opponent. My current remaining starters are Matt Stafford in QB1 and Marvin Jones in Flex. My opponent is starting Golden Tate in WR3 and Robert Woods in Flex. I also have Marshawn Lynch sitting on my bench.

My dilemma is whether or not I should bench Jones and start Lynch. That way all of Tate’s points would be offset by Stafford’s and I wouldn’t be starting the lion’s WR2 against their WR1.

I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and opinions.

Thanks Ballers!

i actually like Jones better tonight since Tate plays mostly out of the slot and the Jets are a bit better covering slot receivers.

If you have stafford then I would for sure keep jones so you’re doubling up on points and offsetting if he does throw one to tate. I’m not a huge fan of lynch tonight either. I think your best bet is to double up with stafford/jones, but that’s just my thoughts!

I appreciate the advice. Thanks!

Well. Didn’t see that game going like that. Of course Lynch already in for 6.

Sorry man.

No worries. It happens.