FLEX Question Week 8

FLEX question. Sterling, Sammy, Yeldon, or Graham. I also have Stafford and Brieda. Or drop one of those and pick up TreQaun? I like Smith ROS. The Saints Playoff schedule is nice for WRs. I have to do the dual TE lineup for week 9 since my BYEs. Njoku is my other TE

I’d lean Shepard

Who is your other QB?

Jameis Winston

I’d drop Stanford or probably even Watkins for T Smith. You have to have him. He is poised for big second half and if Kamara it MT either one go down, you have an impact piece in your lineup. Even if they stay healthy, I’d rather have him than Watkins in my lineup.

Its a 14 team league so im confused as to why hes still out there