Flex Questions for an 0-4 Team

Not sure who to start as I’m having my doubts and Im either gonna be fine or put up next to nothing.
Start 2, half point ppr
Currently starting
D. Freeman and Gallman
Debating: Golden Tate, Hyde, Sony, and Gallup.
Im somewhat comfortable with who I have starting as I have a 25 point lead with 8 players left to his 9 But hey, I’m 0-4 cause my team has under performed all year so far so I’m open to all opinions.

I’d probably go Sony over Gallman. Gallman will get touches but has a tough matchup. I think Sony gets at least 1 TD because the redskins stink.

As a Pats fan what concerns me is I have Gordon as my WR1 this week since Adams is out this week and I can’t trust both Gordon and Sony, I will be very worried if I did, but you’re echoing what I’m hearing everywhere that Sony is over Gallman this week.

That’s a tough one, but with burkhead not playing this week, that means more volume to michel but obviously the concern of “who is Bill gonna hand the ball off too here” is still in my mind. I’m playing Sony in 2/3 where I have him, not excited but the opportunity seems there today