Flex/ RB2 Play Week 6

RBS - Kamara (Bye), Howard, Buck Allen, Aaron Jones

WRs - Landry, JuJu, Amari Cooper, Taylor Gabriel

So I have Howard locked in as RB1… JuJu and Landry locked in as WRs.

Right now I have Aaron Jones and Buck Allen taking the RB2 and Flex spot… but ive been looking more into Taylor Gabriel and he is averaging around 5-6 receptions per game and coming off a big week for Trubisky. He and Mitchell seem to be on the same page on the field. And of course you have Amari but Im just done putting him in and him filling one of my slots with 2 point week.

My question is which set up with my RB2 / Flex spot do you guys think would be the strongest option.
Players in question are : Buck Allen, Aaron Jones, Taylor Gabriel, Amari Cooper.