Flex: Robby Anderson or Robert Woods? Half PPR

I’m in a 1/2 PPR league and deciding wether I should start Robby Anderson or Robert Woods?

Woods has a consistent floor of around 5 catches for the past 3 games, but Robby Anderson has a huge upside.

My record in my league isn’t great and every game is now a must win, so I’m not playing it safe.

If its for only this week I’d look at the Defensive matchups. Anderson plays a stout Buffalo Defense while Woods takes on a Giants team looking to tank the season (suspended their top CB) and position itself for a high draft pick. I’d go with Woods

Thanks that makes sense. I’m trying to be as aggressive as possible and looking for upside right now.
With Woods I know I will get a solid floor, but Anderson has the chance to have a bigger day.

Anderson is coming off a big week, but he doesn’t have a consistent floor of catches. Woods is consistent with less big play ability. I am afraid to roll out Anderson and see him only get 2-3 catches and not have a big play.

You’re pretty much chasing a TD with Anderson then. I’m not sure about how many TD’s Buffalo has given up to WR’s you probably have to look that up and decide if its worth it.

Woods it is