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Flex s/s: Hill or Crowell


Hill@LAC and Crowell@IND Who’s asked for more carries this week.


This is tough… I think it is more roster dependent. If you have a solid team and you are projected to win I’d go Crowell. But if you think you may need a huge game from whichever of these two you pick in order to contend then I’d go Hill.

I tend to go RB over WR when faced with decisions like this but if I’m just picking which one without taking roster or match up into consideration, I’d go Hill.

Good Luck.


Here’s a screenshot, forgot to mention it’s a standard league as well. Thank in advance


Haha well can’t get much closer than that. Man this is tough… My gut is telling me Hill. But again, it’s a matter of if you want to gamble. Hill can either get 0 or 25 while Crowell is probably safe for an 8-14 type game.