Flex spot decisions

Just picked up Corey Davis off waivers, should I play him, woodhead, or ekeler? When gordon has touch matchups ekeler tends to have a good game through the air. I have MG as well. Thanks (full PPR)

Also am starting parker with cutler back. Should I still play since he tends to have a safe floor with garbage time?

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I have Gordon and Ekeler as well and I’m starting both of them. The Chargers could be up a lot in the second half so Ekeler should get a good amount of touches.

So for my WR I have Corey Davis, Sanu, Crabtree (susp) Michael Thomas, and Parker. Who should I start since I typically use 4 WRa and will flex Ekler

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Start Sanu and Thomas, you can’t trust Davis and Parker with their quarterbacks playing poorly.

3 WR leauge… so Crabtree fucked me haha

Last minute help, playing Thomas for sure, Sanu, Corey Davis, or Parker for the other 2?