Flex Spot, Edwards, Dixon, Breida or Sutton

Its a half point PPR league. I had Mahomes and Tyreek Hill already play this week so I need high upside. Would you guys go with:
Gus Edwards vs Tampa Bay
Kenneth Dixon vs Tampa Bay
Matt Breida vs Seattle
Cortland Sutton vs Browns

Tough call…probably not Breida due to injury concern, Sutton has been too much bust, not enough boom, probably between the BAL RBs.
Your choice…I think Dixon has a better shot at high ceiling if his “role continues to grow” like coach said.

Yea I’m leaning towards Dixon or Edwards right now. Thanks for the input!

The only upside I see is with Breida if he plays. If he’s out the best chance at a TD is probably Dixon. I’d love to say Sutton since but dude isn’t producing