Flex Spot HELL!

Gore, Mack, white, marquise Goodwin,McGuire pick one? Looks like Seattle is going to be down to their 3rd or maybe even 4th string CB. Goodwin might actually be a decent choice.

If you need a solid 8 points id go gore

If you need a solid amount of points but some upside too id go white

If you just want high upside go Goodwin… The falcons passed all over Seattle and while SF is not as good as ATL they still should have some success and prob will be down and throw alot. But Goodwin doesn’t have a very safe floor IMO

Hope that helps

That Def helps and exactly similar to what I was thinking. I like gores floor (lol) but Goodwin could boom. Here’s where I’m at: EEF8C07B-F297-4092-B632-43E900B0D7D379C694C5-2EF5-44AC-9AE6-1A6B55D878EF