Flex Spot Help 4 guys pick 1

Need flex play this week standard league
Pick 1 of these 4 guys to play this week (already got 30 points for tyrod so feeling worthy of high potential guy too)
C Davis


I don’t trust Ajayi or Lacy this week, Corey Davis have high upside but considering he’s just coming back from injury and playing against a hard Ravens D, they’ll maybe not use him too much for is first game back. Darkwa could have enough carries to put a correct score, but it’s Rams D …
I would still playing Darkwa.

Not the best options there but I would go Davis purely for the upside. He does however have a tough matchup against the Ravens elite pass D. Otherwise Lacy or Darkwa would be my second option. You could literally flip a coin between those two since the rams shut down AP a couple weeks ago and who knows if Seattle’s O-line will run block any better with Brown. I’d be comfortable with Ajayi but he’s not the starter & may not play much this week.