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Flex spot, hook a brother up


I have Hopkins, Allen, Ginn as my starting WRs. And Mixon and Abdullah in my flex spots. Should I switch any of these guys out for JuJu? He will be the number 2 WR this week but they have a lot of options in Pitt. Let me know what you think, thanks guys.


Im rolling with him cuz of bye weeks but I was debating on playing him even without byes and I think pitt will score alot this game and pass alot to spite bryant


Ginn for Juju would be the only option. I think everyone else has more upside.


But who would you switch out for juju?


So you’re saying Take ginn out for juju? Even with Snead not a factor? Was leaning more on taking Abdullah out but I do like his match up.


Abdoullah gets the touches thats why I lean on leaving him in the lineup. I was just saying if you wanted to swap in Juju then Ginn would be the only one I would consider dropping.


Thanks for your input. I appreciate it.


Abdullah. I think mixon will get better the more touches he gets


NO you r good with who you got. JUJU is coming on concussion protocol and really feel like you choose the best options for your team.


I think you have it right already