Flex spot : Martavis Bryant or Ameer Abdullah

Hi everyone!
I’m wondering who to start in my flex spot?
Martavis Bryant or Ameer Abdullah?
What do you think?

i am thinking Abdullah if he is healthy.

Martavis has a tough match-up against the good jax secondary and he is not as dependable for points, the flip side is he is always a deep target/big play threat so he is either going to get 3 receptions for 25 yards or 3 receptions for 88 yards and a touchdown lol.

Just my opinion

All depends on the rest of your team for me. Abdullah definitely had a safer floor but Marty could blow up with a few big plays if the ball goes his well.

The rest of my team is :
AJ Green
Stefon Diggs
Kareem Hunt
Leonard Fournette
Evan Engram
Dan Bailey
Minnesota D

My QB are A. Luck and K. Cousins. I’m taking Big Ben just for this week. Big Ben and Martavis are better when they play at home, so i was wondering.

You’ve got a solid team there! What’s your match up like this week? Do you feel you need a blow up from your flex or just a solid base line?

Marty and BB definitely better at home it just depends if BB sends it his way or ABs way or Bells way or JuJu’s way.

I personally would go with Abdullah. those Jax corners are LEGIT.

My roster construction is pretty similar to yours and I am sitting Bryant for Humphries this week. Do not like the match up for MartyB at all…