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Flex Spot: Morris, McFadden, or Ginn


Who should I start at my flex spot this week, Alfred Morris or Darren McFadden in the crowded Dallas backfield. Or I could roll out Ted Ginn against the struggling Bucs defense. I think I’m leaning towards Ginn but I’m not for sure, what do you guys think?


the only for sure player on that list is Ginn. you can make a guess who they will go with game one but we have no idea. Id wait and see before picking the wrong guy and getting a big null


Definitely Ginn. I’m not 100% sure either of the two Dallas backs are startable, or even the guy you want. Maybe they are, but no one can tell you for sure.


Does this being a ppr league make any difference or do I still roll with GInn?


That just solidifies Ginn more.


Alright thanks for the help


No problem


Yeah @DFWB I am going to sort of disagree with you there. lol

I don’t see Ginn as a guarantee at all. I have been waiting for this moment as a Michael Thomas owner. Defenses will no longer be able to double team anyone on the Saints receiving core. That means those who can separate will get balls. That is Snead, Fleener, Coleman, and Thomas. Ginn has been taking advantage of Thomas pulling safeties out of the middle of the field, and also some weird blown coverages. Snead will now fill that area, and Thomas gets to run routes where he is comfortable.

I would say Morris is the safest options. He catches the ball and will get carries behind a solid offensive line. Plus Dak running opens up space for the dish off.


What if you don’t have Ginn… Have Morris and McFadden since 2 weeks ago when I thought Zeke was suspended. Because of byes I have to play Morris, McFadden or Ty Montgomery this week.


Yikes…I would first like to express my condolences. I still lean Morris, but this is close.

I also have a hot take the Ty takes back his job.


I don’t think Sneed is going to be any better than their WR3. I’ve never understood why everyone is so excited about him. JAG, in my book. I don’t think any NO receiver, other than Thomas, is a sure thing, but I have no idea which Dallas RB is going to be the guy, or if any is going to be startble. There’s a decent argument for any of 3 (yes 3) guys, and no great reason to believe any of them will separate themselves. I don’t want to start any of them until I see it.

Morris is definitely the worst pass catcher in that backfield, and one of the worst pass catching backs in the league. It’s been one of the biggest knocks against him his entire career.


Snead is top 5 in the league for average separation at the time of target. maybe not for fantasy, but he makes a huge difference of offensive schemes.

Morris hasn’t historically caught passes, but in the preseason with Dallas he did.


That’s an interesting stat. I guess we’ll see. I feel best about Ginn, out of the three options given. I’m a little worried all three Dallas RBs will get 8ish touches. I’m very worries one of them will get 25, and it won’t be the one I chose. I’ll go with a Brees WR who’s been productive, especially since they’re in the dome, at least until I see Dallas in action. Don’t love any of the options.


So the Saints pulled some really interesting schemes this week.

First of all…I still have no idea why Ginn keeps getting blown coverage. He had a bad game except when Chris Conte the safety forgot to cover over the top on a single deep route, and he took advantage. The REALLY interesting thing was that Brees looked like he knew what was going to happen. His eyes never left Ginn. It may be that Sean Payton just figured out how to create them, how is beyond me, this looked like an easy play to prevent. I can’t see this continuing.

The other thing is that nobody got double covered. The Saints would run 4 wideouts and Fleener wouldn’t even try to block. 4 to 5 guys running 10+ yard routes opened up a lot of room for Kamara and Ingram. Thomas didn’t have a great day, but he was open 9/10 routes. He just didn’t see many targets or RZ looks because Karama KILLED. It was odd Snead didn’t see more, he was open a lot, and a few times the LB that was supposed to cover him blitzed. He should see work. In fact on Kamara’s first big play, the LB that was supposed to cover Snead ignored him and ran directly for Kamara. He was the first contact, which Kamara broke. The bad thing about Snead is that he looks to be splitting passing snaps with Fleener and Coleman has taken over that deep slot role.

Looks to me like this WR team will be the new Patriots. It looks like everyone is open, including the RBs. It looks like it’ll be difficult to predict who will get the ball. My advise is to trade for Brees.


I noticed the single cocerage too. I think teams are really concerned about the RBs, which is amazing against a Drew Brees offense. I also think part of it is that no one WR really scares defenses.


If none of those WRs scare defenses then that is bad coaching. This season an average of 73% of Drew’s passes are caught, and that shoots up to 81% when everyone is healthy. For some perspective, arguably the best passing offense in the NFL was Green Bay before Rodgers went down, and they average 65%…again that is before Rodgers went down. New England is at 65% as well.

By the way, teams should be concerned about the RBs. Kamara was patient behind his blockers, broke tackles, caught the ball, and I think he even got in a solid block. Gold Star!


I agree that the RBs absolutely should scare them. I invested heavily in both this year and have been rewarded quite nicely. What I meant by the WRs not scaring defenses is I don’t think any of them individually demands a double team or a safety over the top, on every play or they’ll wreck the game (a la Antonio Brown, AJ Green, Beckham, or even Cooks). Thomas is a really nice player, but he’s not a game breaker on the mold of those other guys. Ginn is Ginn he’s fine, and has to be respected, but not likely to draw double teams all game.


@DFWB, yeah I feel like you are dead on. Especially with Thomas. It looks like they are scheming to get him open, which he does get open. But a lot of the time LBs are breaking coverage to double team MT in the middle so somebody else is wide open.

Also, WTF happened to Ginn Martini, all of a sudden he is a 78% catch rate guy? He has 3 weeks in a row where he caught every ball thrown his way. The vast majority of those are these ridiculous blown coverage plays. It’s like defenses expect him to just drop the ball like usual and are shocked when he comes down with it.