Flex Spot Question OBJ/Pryor/Bryant + trade opinions

Hey guys one question!

I’m in a 10 team standard league and traded Jay Ajayi, Stefon Diggs and Tyreek Hill for Keenan Allen and Odell.

My other guys are:

RB: Dalvin Cook, Isaiah Crowell, Joe Mixon and Alvin Kamara

WR: Tyrelle Pryor, Mike Evans and Martavis Bryant

Im obviously starting:

J.Winston - Crowell - Cook - M.Evans - K.Allen - M.Benett - Flex

But the question is who to start on that flex spot, im a little behind in my matchup and maybe need a little bit of a risk here. So i thought to go with Odell here instead of Pryor or Bryant. Notes: Shephard and Marshall would be available to pick up if Odell doesn’t play. What are your thoughts? And if I go Odell would you rather pick up Marshall or Shephard?

And what are your thoughts on the trade? I liked to avoid that ajayi injury risk and did a sell high on the 2 WRs.