Flex start Chris Thompson, Westbrook, or Gus bus

Who to start in the flex, .5PPR

Westbrook, Thompson, or long shot Gus Bus, I’m playing the top team in the league I’m up 43 with Sony and the pats def

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I’m choosing between Thompson and Westbrook myself. I already have Scary Terry locked in, and am thinking Chris has the chance to go off on the pitifully terrible Miami D. On the other hand, Dede has had good Target numbers, and has narrowly missed a couple TD’s that would have totally changed his weekly outlook. Chark has taken over as the no.1, but with him being shadowed by Lattimore I see opportunity knocking for Dede to show up today.

I feel the exact same, I’ll see CMC ends up since that’s who I’m going against and go off highest upside or safest floor

I might go Dede here, he could seriously benefit from Lattimore shadowing Chark. Thompson is startable but has boom-bust potential, Skins may not even need him. I feel like they try give AP 30 carries

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AP is the reason I’m ultimately going Dede. I could go crazy and start Drake… But I think I’d rather take a bath with a toaster.

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My next dilemma is start JUJU or Thompson lol I have so many bad decisions today

Don’t get crazy! Start your studs, JuJu is still a much better option than Thompson

Dede for sure