Flex Start? Full PPR

WR: Anderson, JuJu
TE: Jared Cook
Flex Options:

Evan Engram vs OAK w/ Geno Smith as his QB
Zay Jones vs NE at home

which would you go with?

I think I just talked myself into starting both Jared Cook and Evan Engram even though I did it last week and they put my in a hole with 1 and 5 points respectively.

I’d go Engram too

I think you have to go Engram. He’s been really putting on the steam this year and looks to be good for this week. Although…LOL…I played Cousins this week. We all saw what happened with THAT one!!! BUT…the biggest part of this week is still left…so…yeah…I’d opt for Engram. Good Luck buddy…hope it goes better for you than the start of my week has gone!!! LOL