Flex start help! WK9 1/2 ppr

Hello all, just need some help and advice on deciding between 4 flex options. Need to win this one and am already down due to Jonathan Taylor. 1/2 ppr options are Christian Kirk AZ with AJ + Dhop being out could be a good game, Darrel Williams KC I am cautious with the random Gore carries but has solid floor, Dallas Goedert PHI should have a solid floor being the primary target of Jalen, and Robert Woods LA could have a great game so the ceiling feels higher than the rest.

My other options would be R Bateman, J Jeudy, J Williams.
at the very least I am trying to eliminate options so the choice is easier.

I would play Robert Woods. This is a great matchup against TN for WRs! Kirk will get more touches in my opinion, but 49ers have been pretty decent against WRs.

This is a good match up for Goedert, but I still am not convinced to play him over Woods.

As for Williams, this just seems to be an average game for KC – I am not impressed by this match up.

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With all these things considered, I have Montgomery coming off of IR. I don’t plan on playing him fresh off of a break from live action against PIT. Woods has the better matchup but its DMont

In addition to the Montgomery info from the previous post. Harrison Smith is out for vikings secondary adding to Peterson and Hunter who are already out. Does this give Bateman a better ceiling than Woods?