Flex start? Jeffery or Kamara?

Who would you start in a flex spot. 0.5 PPR and 5 point bonus for 100 total yards.

Jeffery vs 49ers
Kamara vs Bears

Currently I am leaning Kamara, since he has give 10 to 22 points the last 4 weeks. Jeffery has only give double digit points once this week.

Also bad weather in Philly schedule for today.

I’d like Kamara more if it was 1 point PPR but honestly I’d still go Kamara. Wentz really spreads it around and he likes Zach a lot more

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I’m an Alshon believer (and I don’t even have him in either of my leagues)…BUT…I think you’ve gotta go Kamara here.

One of these weeks, Alshon will break out, but it’s rainy in Philly, so it’s an even bigger gamble that today will be the day.

I also think that in general, Kamara has a higher floor than Alshon. Kamara’s heavily involved in how that offense “keeps matriculatin’ the ball down field.”