Flex Start: Pick 2

Full PPR. Need 2 to fill out my flex.
D.J. Moore
Josh Jacobs
Cooper Kupp
Diontae Johnson

Jacobs and d. Johnson or moore id sit kupp over those two and lean starting johnson

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Thanks! I currently have Jacobs and Moore, but Johnson has been tempting to plug in. Felt like Kupp should stay on my bench.

Diontae and Jacobs

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Johnson is poised to have another good week. He currently has 23 targets in 2 games (dropped 8/92/1 last week) and he is only strengthening his connection with Big Ben.

Hou passing D is not that strong. They were thrashed by Mahomey and the Cheat Code. I fully believe Big Ben can throw on them as well.

If Golladay or Jacobs doesn’t look like one will play, Johnson deinifetly will be in my starting lineup.

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Thanks all!

Agree with starting Jacobs and D.Johnson looking great so far. I think the only reason to consider DJ Moore is if you believe in letting Teddy throw with CMC out. Has potential for upside, but your safest option is probably Johnson

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You also need to note Jacobs. I believe he has a hip issue and hasnt really been practicing.

If Jacobs can’t go, pivot to Moore.

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