Flex start...sick Martavis or Aron Jones?

So I was going to flex Martavis and hope he caught a bomb but instead he apparently caught a bug…seems like he is still going to start but would you start a sick Martavis against arguably the best CB pair in the league or Aron Jones who’s looks at be limited?

Believe I would go with Aaron Jones. Supposed to be the starting RB for the Packers today, was working as the 1st team RB in practice all week. Should be a high scoring game between the Packers and Cowboys, one of if not the highest expected point totals of the week

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Yeah seeing the notification that he’s expected to be the starter makes me feel more comfortable in that now…now the question is buck Allen or Marty B at flex lol leaning buck…thanks!

If it’s PPR that’s probably ok. His usage is beginning to drop but he has caught at least 5 passes the past 3 games

Yeah it’s PPR…which is why I lean that way…I just don’t trust Martavis healthy against those Jax CB’s and he hasn’t been getting a ton of targets…he could always bust a big one but especially if he isn’t feeling great I just don’t feel great about him today…could backfire big time lol but at least buck has been getting targets and I really need a decent floor player this week more than a boom or bust…thanks again!

I hear you. I’m starting Martavis today because I don’t have better options with a couple of my guys on bye this week

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Yeah I was all set to start Smallwood and A. Jones but that got thrown all out of whack lol…and the byes this week were rough for me too with freeman and Michael Thomas on byes and T Mont hurt…good luck! I’ll be rooting for Marty B either way because if nothing else he would become possible trade bait lol and he ALWAYS has a shot to break one…especially at home

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