Flex Start/Sit Week 4

I need help with my flex.
K Hunt, TJ Hokenson, or J. Wilson?

4pt QB standard league.

Hunt finally came back to practice today, but more than likely will be playing hurt. This is a concern because they could choose to limit his snaps. However DAL pass defense is turrible, so Hunt has excellent upside, especially if it is a shootout.

Hockenson is facing a NO defense that is weak facing TEs. They are #1 (or at least top 3) in fantasy points given up to TEs so far.

Wilson get PHI defense this week. While PHI pass defense has been bad, the run defense has been stout. They have allowed 166 total rush yds and 1 rush TD.

In picking one, I slightly lean Hockenson due to the best defensive matchup. Hunt is a good play as long as you play him knowing he is high risk/reward this week. Wilson, IMHO, is a desparate flex play this week.