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Flex Start: Thielen, Jeffery, Kamara, or Anderson


I need one for a Flex Spot. Any Thoughts?

Thielen vs Browns
Jeffery vs 49ers
Kamara vs Bears
Anderson vs Chiefs


Jeffery - it is his week to be the WR1 in phila


Forgot valuable Info

0.5 PPR
5 pt bonus for 100 total yards


I lean Jeffery as well. Diggs will play which cuts into Thielen’s targets, and I believe Alshon will have a big week. Lead Eagles in targets last week and eventually that will turn into catches, yards, tds.


5 pt bonus is absurd


Give me Thielen or Kamara. Prolly Theilen, and this is coming from a Jeffery owner and one that is playing him this week.