Flex start week 8

Marlon Mack @ Cincinnati or Duke at home vs Minnesota? 12 man Standard league

i probably would go with mack because minnesota will lay the whooping down on CLE

help with mine.

You have parker. I would drop Stills and Westbrook before Amendola. Dont forget there is a guy named Tom Brady throwing him the ball.

I say duke. More guaranteed workload. Will be down early and see lots of checkdowns. Mack needs a breakout game for me

drop westbrook, amendola is good if (when) gronk gets hurt

My only problem is Min D/st is sooooo good. and of course the guy im playing this week is starting them against me.

I guess I just assume you get points for receptions.
Standard I’d say you could get away with Mack
Duke in ppr and half

Yes sorry, this is a 12 man Standard

I would go Mack since CLE will be coming from behind and will not hit the ground as much.

I actually think not hitting the ground so much helps duke. Hes a good pass catching back