Flex Starter Options

Hey all could use some input on my PPR flex position! Of these four please pick one. Adrian Peterson, Larry Fitzgerald, Devin Funches, or Marvin Jones. Thanks in advance!

I assume they will feed peterson this week more than others so I would go with him.

PPR I’d go Funchess he was getting BIG targets before benjamin was out, with the receiving core stretched thin I think he’s getting 5-7 catches minimum which is a solid floor

Yeah that was my gut instinct to start Peterson this week. Not sure I’ll get much out of him going forward as he has some tough matchups after this week.

That was my initial thought before I read the Cardinals were going to force feed AP the ball against a bad niners run defense. I’d start funches no problem but I’m not sure Cam is all that good. Probably would do fine with him as he’ll likely get close to 10 targets.

Funchess is #1 wr now. I’d go with him.

Funchess all day. Don’t see him getting under 10 points. Cam has done better when Benjamin is off the field. Peterson isn’t a bad play. I like Funchess a lot more though.