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Flex starting help


Flex Gordon/Ridley/Coutee???
My starting WRs are Adams and Edelman full ppr league


I would flex Ridley this week, but none of those options you list are bad if you choose someone different…


I’m hoping he does good because I’m going without Kamara this week who’s been saving me every week except last week. I have Gronk also so I didn’t wanna play 3 patriots that r all receivers in one game


I still think Gordon will score atleast 1 TD. Why? I have no good reason. The chiefs will be looking for it but can they stop it? I don’t think so. We’ll see…


Start Gordon over Ridley then?


I would say yes. But it’s tough. I know Ridley will be more involved but I strongly believe that Gordon will score. I might even consider starting Ridley over Edelman.