Flex Starting Strategy

Hey everyone, This is my first year of FF so I’m still learning all the tricks to it.

I’m a little confused on why you would want to put players with an afternoon or Monday night game in the Flex position and those who play on Thursday night you don’t put in the flex position.

Thank You!

Say you put in an RB thats playing Thursday night and they do terrible, then you have flexible options at flex to throw in either another RB or a WR or a TE. If you put that RB in flex and he does bad, then your only other option is to trade out a for sure set position. I have TJ Yeldon. I have him in as an RB so that if he does tank, I can try and put some other postion into flex to make up for it.

Thanks for the explanation! I’m still a little confused regarding why you would put someone playign on Monday night or Sunday night in the flex spot. For example, I have diggs who is playing Sunday night and apparently I should put him in the flex spot.

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can you post a picture of your line up and bench?

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That i am not sure. I think they way you have it is perfect.

Appreciate the help!

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