FLEX - T Pryor or Abdullah - Half PPR

I want to have Alvin Kamara as my RB2 and then flex either Pryor or Abdullah, but fantasypros is telling me to sit Kamara and go with Pryor as my flex…what to do…?

I’d go with Kamara and Abdullah. Fantasy Pros is non-sense, he is not one to bench especially in this shootout. I mean Pryor may have a good game, it’s a great match up, but have him and Cousins have the connection. I’d rather wait if I had another good choice.

I am playing Kamara even though the FantasyPros says not to play him… I would play Abdullah… I am benching him for Buck Allen which pros also doesn’t like.

I agree with @RyanDelaney Pryor could have a good game against SF but he hasn’t yet shown that he has a connection with Cousins.

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Looks like Kamara was the better play. Very hard to trust Pryor right now. Plus Abdullah keeps getting volume. May try to trade Pryor if he has a big blowup game. Thanks for the help Footclan!!!